Kanye West Debanked Why?, Who's Next? | EP 10

Very frightening messaging out of the financial community. Whether or not we agree with each other this should not set a precedent for debanking/unbanking anyone.

    Did GrayScale Save Bitcoin? What You Need To Know | EP 9

    What You Need To Know. Grayscale is embarking on an interesting play to provide liquidity to so-called distressed miners. Are they timing the market? Could this work out for them?

      Is Metaverse Real Estate A Scam? | EP 8

      You'll own nothing and be happy sounded like a bad joke apparently there are people cheering this on and worse yet putting their proof of work into real estate that simply doesn't exist at all.

        Nothing Can Save Bitcoin Right Now | EP 7

        It does seem this way doesn't it? tradfi (Traditional Finance) exchanges offering custodial services, more legacy system adding bitcoin functionality should open the doors to millions of possible new users so why doesn't anyone care?

          Greenpeace Hates Bitcoin | EP 6

          Sadly too many organizations are ready to throw more bad money at terrible nonsensical causes. We explore their new 1 million dollar infusion to help 'change the code' in bitcoin.

            ETH Investors Fooled By The Merge! | EP 5

            As the date pulls closer bagholders and shills of the worlds biggest affinity scam eagerly await 'the merge'. As bitcoiners this is just pure entertainment we dive into some of the nonsense messaging going on around the merge.

              Intel's 30 Billion Dollar Bet on Bitcoin | EP 4

              Massive news from chipmaker intel but what does it mean for bitcoin? is it even relevant? we explore some pleb perspective on this big news.

                Bitcoins New Attack Vector: Our Words | EP 3

                Our words. We dive into Beautyon's dismantling of the Lummis - Gillebrands Responsible Financial Inclusion Act. Our language and framing of bitcoin is more important than ever.

                  Did Tornado Cash Just Break Shitcoins? | EP 2

                  Looks like the tradeoff of centralization is starting to show. We examine and discuss and difference between a mixing service and collaborative spend. As well what precedence does this set?