Is Metaverse Real Estate A Scam? | EP 8

Is Metaverse Real Estate A Scam? | EP 8 - Represent Ltd.™

Is Metaverse Real Estate A Scam? You'll own nothing and be happy sounded like a bad joke apparently there are people cheering this on and worse yet putting their proof of work into real estate that simply doesn't exist at all.

LN Strike Gets 80 million in additional funding. looks like some big bitcoin/lightning players are getting a major lift and some attention. does this spell the end for giants like Visa and Mastercard? lets find out!

✔ Special Guest: Vitus Zeller

✔ Stats:

✔ Bitcoin Hopium:

✔ Shitcoin Corner:

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0:00 - Intro
1:33 - BTC Stats
13:36 - Shitcoin Corner
25:07 - Hopium
34:04 - Interview with Vitus Zeller - Team Satoshi
49:00 - Wrap Up

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