A Christmas Trip! | EP 20

We cover some metaverse collapse, new developments on lightning some NOSTR talk and finish off with some reflections on psychedelics, consciousness and bitcoin.

    Will Bitcoiners Make Twitter Obsolete? | EP 19

    Jack Dorsey Donates over 14 bitcoin to project 'NOSTR' could this be the end for twitter? until now we've only had very limited options in terms of a town hall app like twitter.

      Is NEXO Next To Go? | EP 18

      With so many exchanges and yield services having liquidity issues what is keeping NEXO going? Are they also in a liquidity crunch? We dive into NEXO and see what we can turn up.

        Is The Fed About To Collapse? | EP 17

        We examine a great thread in the Hopium section from TXMCtrades that dives into the correlation between the money printing, aging population and sky rocketing prices, is this sustainable? what can the federal reserve really do? or any of the central banks for that matter.

          JP Morgan's BIG BLOCKCHAIN BET | EP 16 🚨

          Looks a lot like a coup rather than a player entering the space. We zoom out and make the case that legacy banking is doing whatever it takes to entrench itself into 'crypto crapto'

            GBTC's Collapse Immanent?

              250K Bitcoin By 2023, Can It Be True? | EP 15

              We dive into a BullishAF article with comments from Tim Draper. Is it just hopium? After all Tim Draper did call BTC 10k back when it was 320$

                The Digital Dollar: Is It A Trap?

                  More FTX Fallout: A Crypto Bailout is Needed?