Did FTX Ruin ‘Crypto’ For Everyone? | EP 14

Although we covered FTX extensively throughout the week the fallout just continues, we give an overall summary of key points, where we are now and what's coming next.

    Most People Don't Realize How Big This Bitcoin News Is! | EP 13

    We've got some great hopium that is also a shitcoin sley all in 1 article. what better endorsement for bitcoin.

      Altcoin Developer Found Dead! Are Bitcoiners a Target?

        What The Government Isn't Telling Us About Their CBDC | EP 12

        A question we should all be asking. Buried deep in a government paper there is some dangerous language regarding the true implications of a CBDC.

          Is Climate Change An Excuse For Increased Surveillance?

          The truth behind big banks push into 'climate activism'

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            So much news all the time. How could we have missed such bullish hopium? We dive into legacy banking's strides moving towards bitcoin

              Why Altcoins Don't Fight Racism

                The Ugly Truth About Greenpeace’s Attack On Bitcoin

                Greenpeace is at it again with another smear article about bitcoin energy use. Are greenpeace's intentions noble? do they actually care about what they claim to fight for or did they just become another mouth piece for the bankers, lets find out!

                  Who's Behind The Bitcoin Association? What You Need To Know!

                  What You Need To Know! Since Bitcoin has no board of directors, no corporation, no president its important for us to understand who these organizations are and are they really representative of Bitcoin in any way.