Kanye West Debanked Why?, Who's Next? | EP 10

Kanye West Debanked Why?, Who's Next? | EP 10 - Represent Ltd.™

► Kanye West Debanked, Who's Next? Very frightening messaging out of the financial community. Whether or not we agree with each other this should not set a precedent for debanking/unbanking anyone.

► Apparently the NFT scammers are still at it. Imagine owning land in the metaverse, now imagine instead owning an IOU to the imaginary land in the metaverse and it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars iNNoVaTiOn!!!

✔ Special Guest:
► Twitter: @tip_NZ
► https://linktr.ee/tip_nz

✔ Stats:
► Discussion about the New Zealand dollar

✔ Bitcoin Hopium:
► https://twitter.com/bitcoinmagazine/s...

✔ Shitcoin Corner:
► https://www.impactfor.us/
► https://twitter.com/alex_valaitis/sta...
► https://cointelegraph.com/news/mango-...

✔ Twitter Handles: @coinicarus @AEHW1

✔ ShoutOuts:
► @BitkoYinowsky - PlebUnderground Logo
► @WorldofRusty - YT background & segment transitions
► @luckyredfish - Outro Graphic
► @plebstaverne - Intro & Outro Music

✔ Links Mentioned:
► https://www.defendingbtc.com/ SUPPORT HODLONAUT
► TIP_NZ's linktree https://linktr.ee/tip_nz

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0:00 - Intro
1:17 - BTC Stats
16:57 - Shitcoin Corner
35:51 - Hopium
45:29 - Interview with TIP_NZ
59:20 - Wrap up

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