Peter Schiff: Bitcoin is More Popular than Gold | EP 645

Crypto-skeptic Peter Schiff admits gold partly lost interest due to Bitcoin’s growth

    Elon Musk & Rand Paul are Bitcoiners? | EP 644

    Rand Paul and Elon Musk callout the absurd $1.7 Trillion spending bill that does little to help the American people but continues to fund the endless wars that enrich politicians.

      QuadrigaCX Owner Alive? "Inaccessible" Bitcoin Moved | EP 643

      "The trustee in bankruptcy for defunct cryptocurrency platform QuadrigaCX says it is investigating the “unauthorized transfers” of approximately 100 bitcoins currently worth more than $2 million from a number of so-called “cold wallets” it had been unable to access for three years." - Yahoo News

        Steve Bannon is a Bitcoin Maximalist? | EP 642

        On Tim Pool IRL at AMFEST in Arizona Steve Bannon in front of a huge live audience identified the problem with central banking, how long until he realizes the solution is Bitcoin?

          BREAKING: Binance US Does NOT HAVE ANY Bitcoin | EP 641

          "Billions in customer funds transferred directly from Binance.US to offshore Binance exchange. Is this just a ploy to trick regulators?"

            Japan's LARGEST Energy Company is Mining Bitcoin | EP 640


              Jade: One of the Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets of 2022 | EP 639

              Today we dive into the Blockstream Jade Bitcoin Hardware wallet

                BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren's Latest Bill Bans Bitcoin | EP 638

                The Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act is an opportunistic, unconstitutional assault on cryptocurrency self custody, developers, and node operators - Coincenter

                  SBF in Jail and CZ Under Investigation. | EP 637

                  SBF was arrested in the Bahamas last night pending extradition to the United States and Binance CEO CZ is under investigation.