Represent Ltd.™ NEWS | Episode #007 [March 15-21, 2020]

Represent Ltd.™ NEWS | Episode #007 [March 15-21, 2020] - Represent Ltd.™

We continue to push forward through all these strange and crazy times, with plenty of new releases to keep you geared up and repping hard.  Earlier this week we dropped an all new jiu jitsu design t-shirt by artist King Kast, that we call the Combat Jiu-Jitsu Tee.  Kast hand drew this piece of art depicting a a jiu jitsu combatant locking in a triangle choke under what appears to be a gazebo draped in ribbon reminiscent of the video game Mortal Combat.  The design has 3 colors including our custom infrared blend, deep blue and cyan imprinted on a black t-shirt.  We also dropped more items to add to the Real Ninjas 2020 capsule, with an embroidered duffel bag that also includes a unique print on the underside of the bag giving it a whole new dimension.  Here is the video for the Real Ninjas 2020 duffel bag drop, highlighting the details of the bag.  We also added a snapback to the Real Ninjas 2020 capsule with custom embroidery on the front, left panel and back arch of the hat.  We also released some new color ways on the class are snapback as well as a blacked out version of the classic are flex fit fitted on-field baseball hats.

As the corona virus picks up steam in the United States, multiple states are on lockdown with all non-essential businesses being asked to shutdown, we have banned all in-person pick-ups from our warehouse.  Our online store remains open, strong and healthy accepting orders with no disruptions in shipping.  We will continue to work hard and follow the guidelines of the CDC and government authorities, providing a clean work place environment.   President Trump and his administration has produced a guideline to curb the spread of the virus, the document is titled 15 days to slow the spread by protecting yourself and others.  Avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people.  Wash your hands frequently, especially after touching used items or surfaces.  Avoid non essential travel, including trips and social visits at this time.  Work from home when possible, follow the CDC guidelines if you must go to work. Disinfect surfaces, including phones, doorknobs, tables, handrails and any surface that comes into contact with multiple persons or frequently used.  If you are feeling sick make sure to self isolate and take care of yourself as best as possible.  We count each and every one of you as family, and want to see everybody make it through invisible virus that has affected our everyday lives, we are sending everybody good, positive vibes as always, stay strong out there during these unprecedented times.

Care packages are here!  In an effort to provide value, we are now offering care packages.  All care packages will include a custom printed represent ltd. sanitary mask, while the supplies last.  Care packages will be priced at $25, $50, and $75. Each price point adding more value and more gear.  The $25 package will offer 2 graphic t-shirts, a sticker pack and a sanitary mask.  The $50 package will offer 2 graphic t-shirts, a hat (snapback or dad hat), as well as a beanie, a sticker pack and a sanitary mask.  The final offering will be at $75, and will include a hoodie or joggers, 2 graphic t-shirts, a hat (snapback, dad hat or flexfit), a beanie, a sticker pack and a sanitary mask.

More cancellations, UFC Columbus and a the next 3 shows have been postponed to a date to be determined.  All boxing, jiu jitsu tournaments and all other sporting events have been cancelled to help contain the spread of the corona virus COVID-19.  Apparently the show will still go on for UFC 249, currently slated for April 18th.  The UFC as well as the main event fighters have stated that they will indeed fight even if it is at a closed-door venue with minimal personal and staff on hand.  We will see how events develop and progress within the coming weeks.

We thank you for repping with us through these crazy times.  We hope each and every one of you stays safe and in good health.

This was Represent Ltd.’s news for the week of March 15th through the 21st.  For more news and happenings visit rep hard dot com and click on the news tab.

Let us know what you think of our weekly news segment with a comment below or shoot us a D M.  Stay strong, stay hard, and always represent!


Written by David X Christensen (@iamdavidx)
Video by Sam Teran (@vndta.sam)

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