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Stay Prepared Kit 17-in-1 Tool Box [WATERPROOF] OUTDOORS EDITION

$ 45.00 USD

Represent Ltd.™ 'Stay Prepared 17-in-1 Tool Box'

•  What is included:
•  2) FIRE STICK SET the stick and the scraper can be matched to make a fire, and the scraper also has a corkscrew funtion
•  3) SILVER DUAL FREQUENCY WHISTLE easy to carry, high sound penetration and wide spread
•  4) DUAL-PURPOSE THREE-SPEED FLASHLIGHT has three modes: normal mode, strong light mode and S.O.S. mode
•  5) MULTI-FUNCTION PLIERS contains conventional pliers, strong pliers saw blade, single word batch, cross batch
• 6) WIRE SAW place the wire saw on the wood, pull quickly to cut wood
• 7) BAYONET TOURNIQUET tie the wound and restrain bleeding
• 8) KETTLE HANDING BUCKLE suitable for regular water bottles, free hands, hand on the waist, backpacks, etc.
• 9) TACTICAL PEN can be used for writing, and can be used for self-defense
• 10) SILVER EMERGENCY BLANKET the emergency blanket is waterproof, windproof and can keep warm.
• 11) TIE ROPE TOOL CARD tool card contains multiple functions, the string can be removed for emergency use
• 12) SURVIVAL BRACELET the bracelet consists of a scraper, a compass, a fire stick, and an umbrella cord.  The scraper can be used wit hthe fire stick to make a fire
• 13) SIGNAL MIRROR the signal mirror can reflect the light source to the target
• 14) REINFORCED CARABINER the fixing ring can fix the buckle and is not easy to fall off
• 15) BLOWPIPE is used to light a fire remotely to prevent burning yourself
• 16) STORAGE BAG durable forest camo colored bag for storage
• 17) WATERPROOF TOOL BOX at the same time storing accessories, prevent water from affecting the use of accessories.

•  Size: 8 1/2" x 4 3/4" x 2 1/2"
• Imprint: VARIOUS


A great gift for Father's Day the Represent Ltd.™ SURVIVAL KIT and equipment is a 17 in 1 emergency survival kit, an essential for camping, outdoors as well as storage in vehicles, home, work or anywhere a disaster can occur.