Are Bitcoin Plebs Bad For Business? | EP 1

Are Bitcoin Plebs Bad For Business? | EP 1 - Represent Ltd.™

Are Bitcoin Plebs Bad For Business? Its a serious topic that often gets muddied up. During Pirates breakdown of how the plebs got started we get into this and try to figure out what is true and not. 


Shitcoin Corner: We've been out of touch for 2 weeks and it seems the same games are being played. we dive into some cringe gaslighting from the government. We examine an article suggesting it may be more difficult than we think to spot and stop the next 'Celsius' or 'Luna' 


Special Guest: @PirateBeachBum2




Bitcoin Hopium: 


Shitcoin Corner:


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0:00 - Intro
0:54 - BTC Stats
4:00 - Shitcoin Corner
39:07 - Hopium
48:51 - Pirate Interview


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