Represent Ltd.™ NEWS #035 | September 27 - October 3, 2020

A major heat wave hit California this week pushing temperatures up over 100 degrees fahrenheit.  After a huge success with our Q3 2020 release, delivery one, we continue to bring the heat with constant new drops, new merch and innovation.  This week our Have A Nice Day and Look Alive capsules took center stage, from our Q3 release.  We also announced an exclusive craft beer collaboration with Beer Thug Life, Vendetta, Hip Hop Craft and Chelas Mundial, very exciting.  Our first big halloween 2020 drop, we call Break On Through Glow In The Dark collection dropped as well.  We are also adding some limited edition ski masks, an all new graphic tee and a grinder.  UFC Fight Island marches on after a HUGE pay-per-view last weekend.  President Trump and the first Lady caught Covid.  Customer service is taking an overhaul.

    Represent Ltd.™ NEWS #034 | September 20 - September 26, 2020

    Huge week at Represent Ltd., this week we proudly dropped our third quarter release first installment.  Q3 2020 Release, Delivery One, included over 30 new pieces and designs from over a dozen different artists.  Big UFC at the weekend as Fight Island is back featuring the middleweight title bout, Adesanya versus Costa.  Our super gel imprint continues to be a BIG hit, a new printing technique that gives great results.

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        Represent Ltd.™ NEWS #033 | September 13 - September 19, 2020

        We are only a few days away from our Q3 Release, first delivery - excited to drop our first installment of the Q3 release this Monday September 21st.  We have been experimenting with new printing processes here at Represent Ltd. head quarters in conjunction with our printing partner, 7 1 4 Print House, and came up with a really cool print technique.  Big UFC card at the weekend looking forward to that.  The original classic Tee and Classic Script Tee continue to be in high demand, we are running through inventory like crazy.  We had some technical difficulties with our website as it went down for several hours due to an inventory glitch that made everything show as sold out.  We were able to get it fixed and it appears no orders were affected.  Appreciate all who reached out to us and let us know about the issue.

          Represent Ltd.™ NEWS #032 | September 6 - September 12, 2020

          Great week at Represent Ltd., Labor Day Sale was a success, our biggest sale of the year so far, and biggest labor day yet.  We dropped dropped 2 new color ways and styles to add to the Original Classic Collection.  Big fights at the weekend, LFA, Bellator on Friday and of course UFC on Saturday.  The NFL is back and ready for a full season.  Remember the heroes that stepped up on 9-11.  After a big heatwave last week, fires across California set in, and have us covered in ashes, while farm workers continue to battle through these conditions.

            Represent Ltd.™ NEWS #030 | August 23 - August 29, 2020

            August 2020 flew by!  We are settling in at our new Represent Ltd. Head quarters in California, and excited to continue to push forward despite all the trials this year has brought.  United We Stand graphic tee and hat dropped this week, new and unique color way in a limited batch run.  Care package mystery boxes are back!  By popular demand we are bringing back the care packages for a limited time!  Custom skateboard decks are coming as we collaborate with artist Ed May.  Q3 release is imminent, with all-new cut & sew pieces including jeans and jackets dropping soon.  Solid card at the weekend for the UFC, good luck to Coconut Bombs Maki Pitolo representing Hawaii as the featured bout on the prelims.

              Represent Ltd.™ NEWS #029 | August 16 - August 22, 2020

              The summer heat is no joke and as the weather is heating up so are things at Represent Ltd. Head quarters.  Last week we dropped our annual Summer Sale blowing out a 30% off discount code for all items in-stock, hope you had a chance to take advantage of the sale.  Very excited to drop our first ever design in an all new embroidered version, The Classic Script collection is moving fast.  Congrats to Rolly on securing the WBA light weight boxing champion mantle as he wins by unanimous decision.  We have been hard at work on quarter 3 2020 release, so many new designs and excited to announce our cut and sew line dropping soon!  The UFC and Bellator both have events this weekend with some big names on the fight cards.