Represent Ltd.™ NEWS | Episode #025 [July 19 - July 25, 2020]

Represent Ltd.™ NEWS | Episode #025 [July 19 - July 25, 2020] - Represent Ltd.™

Welcome to Represent Ltd.’s news, Here is this weeks news.

2020 continues to get stranger and stranger, the corona virus starting to pick up steam again, the pentagon is confirming other worldly unidentified flying objects, baseball and basketball are back, with no crowd, large sectors of “normal” life are closed and shut down yet again, 2020, what  a year.  Here at Represent Headquarters we continue to push forward and maintain focus on brining new and meaningful clothing and products.  Sunglasses are almost gone, Protect The Hood limited edition capsule collaboration with Vendetta is on the last batch.    

Never Established patch trucker hats just dropped this week in multiple colors, including black, white, black and white, black camo multicam, as well as charcoal gray with black.   Here is the introduction video for the trucker hats:

We also dropped the Red Mask collection and it completely sold out within minutes.  There is a shortage on material, but we are securing more this weekend to restock the red masks.

Excited to drop a new Represent the West Coast Tee this weekend, in limited batches, stay tuned to our newsletter for the full drop!

Protect The Hood limited edition collaboration with Vendetta just dropped two new t-shirt colors and restocked the rest of the capsule for the final batch.  Once sold out they will not be restocked, make sure you secure your limited merch.  Here is the latest grid video:

UFC Fight Island is back with a big main event showcasing former middle weight champion Robert Whittaker against brash Englishman Darren Till.  Other notable fights on the card set to take place in Abu Dhabi, include Shogun Rua vs. Antonio Noguiera as well as the return of Fabricio Verdum against swedish stand out Alexander Gustafsson.  Some solid fights being put on by the UFC, should be a good card.

Shutdowns are here again.  President Trump has issued an advisory advocating the use of cloth and sanitary masks while in public or around people.  We have continued to produce masks made in the U.S.A. under sanitary conditions, and will continue to offer them to help do our part to stop the spread.  As always, continue to build your immunity with natural whole foods, plenty of vitamin c, super shots, green juices and wellness shots.  Stay safe out there be strong.

This was Represent Ltd.’s news for the week of July 19th through July 25th. Still Grinding in silence and working hard, saying less than we do and delivering more than we say.  For more news and happenings visit rep hard dot com and click on the news tab.
Let us know what you think of our weekly news segment with a comment below or shoot us a D M.  Stay strong, stay hard, and always represent!

Written by David X Christensen @iamdavidx
Video by Sam Teran @samuelxteran

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