Represent Ltd.™ NEWS | Episode #014 [May 3 - May 9, 2020]

Represent Ltd.™ NEWS | Episode #014 [May 3 - May 9, 2020] - Represent Ltd.™

Welcome to Represent Ltd.’s news, Here is this weeks news.

May is in full swing and Spring time is finally feeling like it is here.  Great optimism for the remainder of 2020, with the corona virus curve appearing to be much lower than expected and several cities, states, and counties opening up slowly.  UFC is back this Saturday with a great card.  We just dropped our second major release of the year called Q2 twenty twenty with most of the items selling out within days, the positive feedback has been overwhelming.  Our biggest single day drop to date - a total of 41 new products and counting were released, we are now working on restocking as well as dropping all new items.  Shorts, tanks, sunglasses and towels are coming soon!  

It appears that most of the USA is starting to get moving again into what President Trump is calling the four stages of re-opening America.  Most areas are heading into Stage 2 which is the re-opening for lower risk sectors with modified provisions such as social distancing and extra hygienic practices.   If you are sick or feel that you are highly susceptible to the virus make sure you continue the in-place orders.  Also,  continue to build up your immune system with healthy diet, exercise and immune boosting supplements.  For plant based options we encourage you to visit nutrition facts dot org where Dr. Greger provides evidence based facts on plant based nutrition.  Drink your green juices, wellness shots, super shots, vitamin c supplements and try to stick with organic Whole Foods to help your immune system build up a strong resistance to those seasonal flues and viruses.   Always, we are sending positive vibes out to the entire Represent Family to be safe out there.  Stay strong and stay prepared.

Our biggest single day drop to-date, Q2 twenty twenty Major release has been received with great feedback - most of the items sold out quickly.  We are now working on re-stocks and getting any left over orders out as soon as possible.  A lot of art pieces and merch with plenty more on the way.  Looking to add shorts, tanks, sunglasses among others items soon!  

Our media department head Sam Teran, put together some great short video spots for the Q2 release, here is the Zen Ninja video spot:

The Zen Ninja is a 2 color imprint with a new rose gold metallic color used along with red.  The video spot features the audio from Wu-Tang Forever album.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures, Stay Away release features a 2 color graphic tee along with a full front seamless print.  Stay Away drop Represent Ltd.  Copyright 2020 when the real ones emerged.

Big shout out to comedian extraordinaire Tony Hinchliffe appearing on the Joe Rogan experience rocking the Represent Bad Habits windbreaker.  If you haven’t seen Tony’s roasts, make sure to look him up online, his roasts are legendary.  Also his weekly show KILL TONY is epic, make sure to check it out.

UFC 249 Fight Island is all set, with the main event championship fights weighed in and ready to go.  The interim lightweight title will be disputed between Ferguson and Gaethje while the Bantam weight title will be on the line with current title holder Cejudo versus former champ Cruz.  What a fight card the UFC has put together.  The prelims will be on ESPN and the Pay per view will be on ESPN plus.  Check your local listings or visit UFC dot com for more information.

Sad news this week, on May 6th Steven Arnio passed away, a friend of the brand and author of Hard Times Create Strong Men will be missed.  His legacy will live on through his written works, podcast and audio books.  A great human being, may he Rest In Peace.

We really appreciate and thank each and everyone one of you that rocks with us and stays repping with us!  We have been working hard to stay open, keep delivering your orders and to keep producing all of your favorite products.  We truly hope each and every one of you stays safe and in good health.

This was Represent Ltd.’s news for the week of May 3rd through May 9nd.  For more news and happenings visit rep hard dot com and click on the news tab.

Let us know what you think of our weekly news segment with a comment below or shoot us a D M.  Stay strong, stay hard, and always represent!


Written by David X Christensen @iamdavidx
Video edit by Sam Teran @samuelxteran

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