Represent Ltd.™ NEWS #055 | February 14 - February 20, 2021

Represent Ltd.™ NEWS #055 | February 14 - February 20, 2021 - Represent Ltd.™

Welcome to Represent Ltd.’s news, Here is this weeks news.

Our thoughts are with the people in Texas and all those affected by the power outages and insane cold weather conditions throughout the middle and east of the United States.  Seeing the dangerous highways and families affected by this devastating weather is unfortunate.

Last week we celebrated President’s Day with a huge site wide sale that was a great success.  A few items are back in stock such as the Stay Real 100th Release crewneck and tee, abracadabra collection, stay real poly tech hoodie and original gang full zip to name a few.  There has been a major shortage in clothing especially hoodies, joggers and hats due to supply chains being affected, but we are working hard on getting more of our most popular items back in-stock!

This week we are grinding up the new releases as we dropped our latest iteration of The Grinder now in Extra Large version.  The XL Grinder features 4 parts and is made of metal, with stainless steel mesh lining and keef catch at the bottom.  We also released the single serve version as well which is similar to the one we released last year with a minor cosmetic changes.  Here is the commercial:

Original Classic Text Buffalo Plaid button up t-shirts are here!  Available in two colors, including Red with black and gray with black.  The plaid button up features print on the front left pocket and back upper mid back, as well as a hand sewn size label on the neck.  A great piece for casual night out or leisure activities.  Here is the commercial:

More new gear and accessories are dropping this weekend, stay tuned to our newsletter for updates!

All new jiu jitsu tee is out, we call it House of Jiu Jitsu and features a premium white print on our signature black t-shirt, a custom piece by artist Craftermind of an enlightened jiu jitsu practitioner in front of a stained glass mosaic showing the spiritual side of the art of jiu jitsu.

I’d rather be a Warrior in a Garden, than a Gardener in a War — a famous proverb that speaks volumes to always prepare for the worst but hope for peace and prosperity.  Our Warrior in a Garden shirt dropped last week and it went ham, sold out 2 batches within a few days.  Just dropped another batch and now added a special edition hoodie.

A few more t-shirts have added to The Dragon Hunter graphic tee, final batch, here is the ad commercial:

3 years ago this week Nate Diaz pulled out a joint and sparked it up on live television during a UFC fight night broadcast on FOX Sports.  MMA History Today reminded us with a commemorative drawing by The Art of Fight series.  Always ahead of the game, 3 years later cannabis usage is no longer punishable, Nate has been a big advocate for productive cannabis usage and has advocate for the stigma behind cannabis to end.

UFC is back this week, with a main event heavyweight bout between #2 ranked Curtis Blades versus #4 Derrick The Black Beast Lewis going down at the Apex in Las Vegas.  Also on the card veteran heavyweight Andrei Alovski returns against new comer Tom Aspinall.  Fights start at 1:30 PM Pacific Time live on ESPN Plus app.  Tune in.

Represent Training Academy or RTA is a private gym located in Orange County, California.  The gym includes jiu jitsu mats, boxing & muay thai bags, free weights, cardio bike and treadmill and more. Jiu jitsu classes have started with 3X jiu jitsu champion Diego Pato.  If you are in the Orange County area we will be accepting limited memberships soon.  Make sure to follow us on Instagram at RTA underscore HQ.

Bitcoin is on the move, breaking yet a new all time high this week of 56 K, we just started accepting Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.  We also put out a beginners resource guide so you can get your feet wet in the crypto world.  By popular demand we added  few extra Represent X Bitcoin T-shirts to the site.  Grab your limited edition print while they are available again.

Here is jiu jitsu move of the week brought to you by the great Dave Terrell from Nor Cal Fighting Alliance.

This was Represent Ltd.’s news for the week of  February 14th through February 20th 2021. Always Grinding  and working hard to be the best and continuing to expand, we always do what we can to deliver more value to you.  For more news and happenings visit rep hard dot com and click on the news tab.

Make sure to follow us on YouTube, Instagram Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat — our handle is Represent L T D.  Let us know what you think of our weekly news segment with a comment below or shoot us a D M.  Stay strong, stay hard, and always represent!


Written by David X Christensen @iamdavidx
Video by Sam Teran @samuelxteran

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