Represent Ltd.™ NEWS #053 | January 31 - February 6, 2021

Represent Ltd.™ NEWS #053 | January 31 - February 6, 2021 - Represent Ltd.™

Welcome to Represent Ltd.’s news, Here is this weeks news.

First month of 2021 is in the books, and what a start to the new year, first week of February has already been action-packed with so much going down!  Let’s get into the news…

This week we dropped a collectors edition camo hoodie available in both forest camo and black camo.  The release features a hand sewn PVC rubber silicone patch on the front left chest as well as HD imprint on both the right arm and back of the hoodies.  The back design features a list of our most prominent releases that we have dropped throughout the years.  Here is the promo video for this exclusive collectors edition drop:

Adding to our PVC Silicone Patch drop we added a two tone raglan in black and dark heather gray as well as our signature tee.  The tee’s also feature HD imprint on the back and the raglan long sleeve has a special black on black print on the right sleeve.  Here is the commercial for this drop:

Stay tuned this weekend as we drop a new PVC Rubber Silicone patch jogger as well as all-new graphic tees.  Check our newsletter for the drops!

All new PVC silicone drops are out, an all new black quarter zip fleece sweater features our new, and larger PVC silicone patch couple with a signature HD imprint, here is the commercial:

Our Made X Real Ones release included premium dark heather gray hoodies and tees along with the 2 rain jackets and 2 new beanies, we just restocked on all the hoodies and tees, here is the commercial for the hoodie release:


UFC Fight Night at the Apex is back tonight February 6th, with heavyweight veteran  Alistair Overeem taking on Alexander Volkov in the main event.  An interesting fight at bantamweight as OG Franke Edgar takes on Cory Sandhagen, and in the lightweight division California native Beniel Dariush takes on Brazilian Diego Ferreira. Overall really great card, make sure to tune into the ESPN + app to order, fights start at 7pm pacific time.

NFL Super Bowl 55 is here, as the Kansas City Chiefs will take on Tampa Bay Buccaneers Florida starting at 3:30pm Eastern time.  Defying all odds Tom Brady switches organizations at age 43 and still makes it to the super bowl, while the highest paid athlete and young quarter back Patrick Maholm makes his debut.  Should be an exciting event and game!

Excited to announce our private gym is near completion, we are calling the gym Represent Training Academy or RTA for short.  The gym includes jiu jitsu mats, boxing & muay thai bags, free weights, cardio bike and treadmill and more. Jiu jitsu classes have started with Brazilian champion Diego Pato, if you are in the Orange County area we will be accepting limited memberships soon.  Make sure to follow us on Instagram at RTA underscore HQ.

On February 13th Fight 2 Win Jiu Jitsu Pro is back in Dallas Texas, with an action-packed card including a light weight championship bout between one of our sponsored athletes, Diego Pato versus current champion Kennedy Maciel.  The Jiu Jitsu match will be broadcast live on Flo Grappling.

We firmly believe in self responsibility, always exercise caution, especially for the safety of others - but never give up your freedoms.  Respect the rules of establishments and wear your masks, if you are sick or are susceptible of becoming sick and stay home, if you are not, use precautions and continue to boost your immune system with natural juices, whole food, and wellness  shots.  Many medial doctors and nutrionists  are recommending vitamin D, consult your physician to make sure your levels are where they are suppose to be.  We continue to crank out masks in various forms mostly 100% made in the US.  Be safe out there!

Here is jiu jitsu move of the week brought to you by the great Dave Terrell from Nor Cal Fighting Alliance.

This was Represent Ltd.’s news for the week of January 31st through February 6th 2021. Always Grinding  and working hard to be the best and continuing to expand, we always do what we can to deliver more value to you.  For more news and happenings visit rep hard dot com and click on the news tab.

Make sure to follow us on YouTube, Instagram Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat — our handle is Represent L T D.  Let us know what you think of our weekly news segment with a comment below or shoot us a D M.  Stay strong, stay hard, and always represent!


Written by David X Christensen @iamdavidx
Video by Sam Teran @samuelxteran

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