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Represent LTD.

Protect The Hood Beer Collab Tee [BLACK] SPECIAL EDITION

$ 20.00 USD $ 30.00 USD

    Represent Ltd.™ 'Protect The Hood Craft Beer Collaboration Tee'

    • Premium poly/cotton blend
    • Lightweight
    • Athletic fit
    • Rib-knit set-in collar
    • Garment color: BLACK
    • Print: PREMIUM WHITE

    A vision of empowerment for the hood,
    artist King Kast of Vndta Studios created
    the Protect The Hood Paletero Project
    to bring attention to the struggles
    the immigrant worker must endure.
    local street vendors had it hardest
    during the COVID-19 pandemic, as
    they were the target of brutal
    robberies leaving many without means
    to make an honest living.

    Our community, our culture, is rooted
    in the pride of earning one’s living
    through good, honest, hard-work,
    which is why we are proud to bring
    together the collaborative efforts of
    Vndta Art Studio, Beer Thug Life,
    Represent Ltd.™, Hip Hop Craft, and
    Chelas Mundial to present a
    beer brewed from the dedication
    and passion to our crafts.

    From our hood to yours, salud.