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Represent LTD.

Original Classic Gang Pro Hand Wraps 180" [BLACK]

$ 8.00 USD

Represent Ltd.™ 'Original Classic Gang Pro Hand Wraps 180 inches'

  • 180" semi elastic material
  • Thumb loop
  • Velctro closure

  • Supports your wrists and protecting your knuckles underneath gloves
  • Tested by professional kickboxers, mixed martial artists and boxers for material, durability, size and fit.
  • 180 inches to allow for Boxing, Muay Thai, Heavy Bag, MMA, or virtually any wrapping technique you prefer.
  • Breathable and quick drying: Our poly-cotton material keeps your hands cooler during training and your wraps will dry faster until you can get them washed
  • Wraps are semi elastic and durable, so they won’t come lose just from putting on your gloves. They’ll also retain their shape.

Protect yourself at all times... #fistbump #represent